Love is in the air

VALENTINE’S DAY takes place today. It is known as a day of romance. Flowers, chocolates and gifts are often exchanged between lovers.

Some people take advantage of this romantic day to propose marriage to their beloved. You can almost hear the screams of joy. Some couples will even get married today.

Here, theSun asked five celebrities about their view of Valentine’s Day.


Sangeeta Krishnasamy, actress

Age: 34

Marital status: Dating

“When I was younger, I believed Valentine’s Day was over-commercialised. Everything became pricier on this day. I never celebrated it.

“But now that I am older, I see Valentine’s Day in a new light. I think the world needs more love today, with all that is happening around us.

“I do not think Valentine’s Day is just for lovers. It can be a day where family members express love for each other – from a mother to her son, or a father to his daughter.

“My boyfriend has not told me any of his plans for Valentine’s Day. But I suspect he will take me to the place where we met for the first time.

“Technically, this will be our first Valentine’s Day together.

“He did something romantic late last year, even though it was not Valentine’s Day. We always talk about film and books. He knows I love the film The English Patient. To surprise me, he got me the book [the film is based on].”

Fabian Loo, actor

Age: 30

Marital status: Single, but complicated

“It will be a working Valentine’s Day for me. I am currently busy shooting my short film Kinsmen, which is a family comedy drama. I have always loved filmmaking, and I will be doing something I love this Valentine’s Day.

“The most romantic thing happened to me when I was 16. There was a girl in my school who liked me very much. She wanted me to call her. But I did not have a phone.

“She got me a handphone so we could talk after school hours. I was totally surprised that she got me an expensive gift like a handphone.

But I kept the phone for one week, and then I returned the phone to her. I felt the gift was a little too expensive, and I was afraid that I would spoil it.

“The most romantic thing I ever did was for my ex-girlfriend two years ago. She was torn between spending Valentine’s Day with me or her family.

“So I held a surprise party for my girlfriend, where her family was there for our Valentine’s Day celebration. She was so happy.”

Sherry Alhadad, actress and TV host

Age: 36

Marital status: Single

“I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day in my life. Even when I had a boyfriend, I never celebrated Valentine’s Day. I am also a Muslim, and a Muslim should not be celebrating Valentine’s Day.

“The most important thing about love is not about finding someone to love you – it is about you loving yourself. Only when you love yourself, can you begin to love others out there.

“Unfortunately, there are not enough people who love themselves. They are too busy searching for others to love them. With social media, too many people have become obsessed with seeking approval from others on everything they do. We need to stop waiting for others to love us, and start loving ourselves.”

Chef Wan, celebrity chef

Age: 62

Marital Status: Divorced

“I Do not think that Valentine’s Day is overrated. It is wonderful to have a special day dedicated to love. I do not think Valentine’s Day is just for lovers. On Valentine’s Day, you can spend time with your family or a group of friends. It is a day to strengthen our bonds with those we love.

“Valentine’s Day also gives us the opportunity to reflect on our behaviour. It gives a chance for us to be kinder to those whom we love. For me, love is about accepting the strengths and the weaknesses of our loved ones.”

Francissca Peter, singer

Age: 58

Marital status: Single

“Valentine’s Day can be fun and meaningful not just for couples, but for our parents, family and friends. It is actually a day for us to genuinely show care and love to others.

“But let us not over-commercialise Valentine’s Day with material things like expensive heart-shaped chocolates, expensive gifts and expensive flowers. It’s always about kindness, love and care, first.

“Personally, I celebrate Valentine’s Day every day because there is so much love I get from my family, and from my fans who have loved me up to today.

“I can’t wait to share my love of music with them and perform my songs at my RTM concert on March 28. I just want to tell my fans and friends:

‘Thank you’. I love my fans back for still caring for, and supporting, me.

“One of the most romantic things I ever did was visit Rome. Being there in itself is romantic and wonderful, the atmosphere and food just spell romance and it was lovely. I truly hope to visit Rome again someday soon.”

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