The Witcher prompted big book, game sales

SALES of The Witcher books and games rose by over 500% in December after the Netflix show was released, accoring to NPD.

In the two weeks after The Witcher debuted on Netflix, book sales for the fantasy saga rose by 562 percent in the USA, according to specialty site NPD.

Short story collection The Last Wish, which provided full or partial basis for five of eight episodes, was the primary driver of that growth, the data tracking group reported. A special tie-in edition was the fastest-selling series title for the whole of December.


Sales of physical editions of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the May 2015 video game inspired by Sapkowski’s work, rose by 554 percent in the US in a year-on-year comparison between Dec 2018 and Dec 2019.

Much of that is due to the game’s debut on Nintendo Switch (491 percent), with other platforms responsible for 63 percent of the overall bump.

Digital game sales data was not included in the assessment.

Previously, data from digital PC gaming retailer Steam had shown that sales of The Witcher 3 had reached an all-time high, surpassing even launch day uptake, following the release of the Netflix show and the beginning of a store-wide year-end sale.- AFP

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